NAAREA is a French company proposing an alternative to fossil fuels, thanks to innovative and sustainable next-generation nuclear power.

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Jean-Luc Alexandre
November 11, 2022

Energy: a great hope for the 21st century

Despite the impression that NAAREA might give of a tendency toward techno-solutionism, the project that its founders have been pursuing since 2020 is first and foremost societal. NAAREA’s primary mission is to promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through the production of sustainable, safe and affordable energy. In this respect, the development and deployment of its nuclear microreactors remains a means to this end.

In a piece published by the Robert Schuman Foundation, Jean-Luc Alexandre, CEO of NAAREA, looks back on the intellectual process that led him to envision what could be the great technological revolution of the 21st century, in support of human development and European energy sovereignty.

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